How do I know which webshop I purchased tickets from?

How do I know which webshop I purchased tickets from?

You can tell which site you purchased the tickets from by the following differences. 

Visual differences

The two webshops are visually different from each other. You can tell the two webshops apart by comparing the address (URL). One webshop has the address and the other 

Another way to find out in which shop you ordered the tickets is described below: First visit the page of the webshop Search for the event in question. If you are then redirected to the webshop, this means that the order was also placed via the webshop It is therefore not visible in your account. However, if you remain in the webshop, you can order tickets as usual. You can find more information about the webshop here

Differentiation based on the sender of the confirmation email

As soon as an order has been successfully completed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail (check your spam folder if needed). If you ordered the tickets via the webshop, the sender of the message will be "". If you have completed the order via the webshop, you will receive an e-mail from the sender "".

Differentiation by order number

Orders placed via the webshop have an order number that starts with the number 1. The numbers of orders placed via the webshop start with the number 6 or 7.

Differentiation according to the printing location of the tickets

Tickets that have been ordered via the webshop can be found in the attachment of the confirmation email. For orders placed via the webshop, the tickets are located in the corresponding See Tickets account. 

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