What do I do if I have lost the tickets or can no longer find them?

What do I do if I have lost the tickets or can no longer find them?

You can print out the tickets at any time via our customer service area. In the customer service area, enter the order number (reference number) and the zip code, phone number or email address in the corresponding fields. A page will open with the order details and the option to download the order.

I don't know my order number or my order is not found

If you do not remember some details such as the order number, or no order is found, you have the option to have an overview of all orders sent to you. Scroll down in the customer service area and enter the email address you used when placing your order. Within 20 minutes you will receive an email with all orders placed using the email address you entered. Do not forget to check the spam folder. 

My order is not present in the e-mail sent or I do not receive an e-mail with the overview

If you have not received an e-mail with the overview of orders, or the order is not shown in the sent overview, this can have several reasons. 
  1. A different e-mail address was specified during the order process: It often happens that the business email/second email is entered. Enter a secondary address, if any, in the customer service area.
  2. The order was not completed: Check the payment method used to see if a debit was made by See Tickets. If you do not see a debit, the purchase was most likely unsuccessful.
  3. The order was not placed via the webshop www.seetickets.com/ch: In the customer service portal it is only possible to retrieve orders that were placed via the website www.seetickets.com/ch. 
In this article, the procedure of reprinting a ticket in the webshop www.seetickets.com/ch is described. If you made an order via the webshop www.starticket.ch and want to reprint it, you can find the instruction here

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