Why does See Tickets have two webshops?

Why does See Tickets have two webshops?


Since 2020, See Tickets (formerly Starticket) has been a member of the See Tickets International Group. This creates many new possibilities through synergies. For this reason, the opportunity was taken and it was decided to completely redesign the See Tickets Switzerland webshop. As a result, our website has been brought up to the latest technical standards. Our customers will have many new advantages and features as a result.  The complete redesign of the website is a big challenge. Therefore, it was decided that only certain events will be available via the shop, which can be accessed via the www.seetickets.com/ch website. The webshop www.starticket.ch will remain with all its functions. Below we have listed the most important questions and answers for you. If you have any feedback on the webshop www.seetickets.com/ch, please feel free to contact us. 

Why wasn't the webshop www.starticket.ch simply switched off?

In order to make the migration as easy as possible for our customers, we have decided to initially offer only certain shows via the webshop www.seetickets.com/ch. This has the advantage that we can gather experience and implement any improvements more quickly. 

Will all data be migrated?

No. In the webshop www.seetickets.com/ch, tickets can only be purchased for selected events. For the moment, you do not need a See Tickets account to place an order.

Can I log into my See Tickets account and reprint old orders?

No. In the webshop www.seetickets.com/ch it is currently not possible to log in to your See Tickets account and check your old orders. Orders placed via the webshop www.seetickets.com/ch will be sent by email as a PDF.

I don't see the delivery option "delivery by post". Is this delivery option no longer offered? 

In the first phase, tickets can unfortunately not be sent by post. This delivery option will most likely be offered after the full launch of the webshop.

When will the webshop www.starticket.ch be switched off?

We are currently gathering experience and cannot say when the webshop www.starticket.ch will be switched off.
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